System Analyze Co.,Ltd.
Company service
Management Philosophy

-To provide quality service to our customer's business
using the advanced technologies for their continual growth.

-Having a culture that allows our employees to use abilities
to fullest potential which enables them to work well
among Social life and Business life.

Management Vision

-To provide a satisfaction to our customers
by becoming a company that provides quality service
as an enterprise that you can rely on.

-As an employee, he or she will work to their fullest potential
with challenging spirits in order to achieve high
the company's goals.


SAC provides various business solutions, systems development and operations of EC Site since the establishment of the company. The end product is to expand ties with the customer's reliance.

Through enhancing ties with the customer's reliance, SAC is striving to expand Human resources, strengthening IT skills and improving services to customers.

The basic company's goal is to become a Business partner, supporting Customer's Business Revolution in every aspects of the business.

SAC puts the most importance on the concentration & consciousness to the Advanced IT technologies. Those Technologies & Information might to be said just a basic business tools for realizing Customer's requirements. Utilizing those IT tools, the company's goal & ultimate responsibility is to furnish the utmost satisfaction to the customer.

SAC grasps the customer's needs relevantly and is equipped with the advanced technology & experienced Business know-how. SAC has been training & furnishing SAC Engineers, who can flexibly take measures to those needs. While coping with the changing business environment and attaining the company's goal, SAC had also acquired the ISO-9001 & Privacy mark qualification. SAC is always aiming at continual business growth both in the field of Hardware, known as "the System" and in the field of Software or the so-called "Human Resources & System Services".

While recognizing the business growth to be one of the essential issues of the Company, SAC is offering various solutions to the customers.

Based on the IT technologies & various information, SAC strongly takes a step forward to the future together with the customers to make each dream reality.

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