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Protection of personal information
Protection of personal information
Protection of personal information

SAC sets up "the Company policy of the protection of Personal information" stated below regarding the protection of customer's Personal information and implements the measures for protecting Personal information.
SAC acquired the Privacy mark (P-mark) qualification from JIPDEC. The details are referred to the attached "the Acquisition of P-mark qualification".

Company Policy of the Protection of Personal Information
First ;04/11/2005
Updated ;08/01/2008
System Analyze co.,ltd.
CEO Yasuyuki Abe

SAC is the Company developing Software in general in the market. The company's Philosophy is "Providing a satisfaction to our customers by becoming a company that provides quality service as an enterprise that you can rely on". In providing the customer with the Services, SAC sometimes receives the customer's valuable Personal information such as Name, Address, Phone #, etc.. SAC clearly recognizes the duties & responsibilities to identify the purpose of its usage and to properly handle/control the Personal information.
SAC declares to take the following measures and to operate the business for that purpose.
The employees in SAC are also taking the same protection procedures.

(1) Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information

SAC sets up the Organization to protect & manage Personal information. When acquiring Personal information, SAC shall identify the purpose of its usage as much as possible within the scope necessary for attaining the purpose. SAC shall use the Personal information within the scope needed to achieve the designated purpose and shall take the protection measures not to be utilized out of the purpose. SAC, when entrusting the handle of all or part of Personal information to the trustee, shall evaluate and select the trustee who fills the sufficient protection level of Personal information and shall take appropriate measures by making contract etc..

(2) Security control measures

SAC shall take the necessary & appropriate measures to prevent illegal access to Personal information, leakage, loss or damages and shall secure the security & accuracy for the control of personal information.
SAC shall also review the measures and take corrective actions if necessary.

(3) Compliance with Laws, guidelines and other codes regarding the handling of Personal information

SAC shall always refer to the laws, guidelines and other codes stipulated by the state regarding the handling of Personal information and shall comply with them.

(4) Response to complaints and consultations

SAC shall set up the responsible organization and establish and maintain the procedures regarding the complaints and consultations of the protection of Personal information. SAC shall take proper and prompt actions when receiving complaints and consultations.

(5) Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System (PMS)

SAC shall make continuous efforts to improve and enhance PMS for better management of the protection of Personal information.

(6) Contact regarding the Protection of Personal Information
The person in charge of receiving Complaints & consultations
Tel No : 03-3261-4332
FAX No : 03-3221-1889
Acquisition of Privacy Mark Qualification.

System Analyze Co., Ltd. is qualified the use of Privacy mark which is entitled by JIPDEC to the company adequately controlling the Personal information.
(JIPDEC = Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community)

Date qualified:
First ; 6/13/2006
Updated ; 6/13/2012
Registration No.;


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